The Key to a Better Life

“Wake the F*** Up”

– David Goggins, every day

Picture this, it’s 7:15am and you have now hit the snooze button seven times. You finally decide to crawl out of bed, still half asleep. You check your phone, and there’s a missed call from your boss, as well as ten unread emails, and two texts. To be at work by 8:00am, which is fifteen minutes away, you still have to shower, get dressed, as well as let the dog out. You have now set the tempo for the rest of your entire day, whether you recognize it or not. You are not in control. You will likely spend the day playing catch-up, reacting to the things that happen to you, always just one step behind. Welcome to the average day for a lot of people. Oh, and you still haven’t called your boss back.

So, let’s use an example of what you should’ve done.

  • 5:00am Wake up, make your bed
  • 5:05am Let the dog out
  • 5:30am Get to the gym, work out
  • 6:30am Arrive home from the gym
  • 6:50am Showered (preferably cold), & dressed in the clothes you laid out the night before
  • 7:00am Cook the breakfast you deserve after murdering your workout
  • 7:25am Eat, & review the schedule for the day
  • 7:40am Depart for work, arriving 5 minutes early, right on time

Welcome to the world of winning. A Key to a Better Life. Controlling YOUR morning. The key word in that sentence is ‘your’. The mornings for myself, are specifically my time. Nobody else is awake, and I have nothing but time to myself. I workout, I check the markets, I review my schedule, and I do the things that are important to me. When you wake up early, when you control the structure of your morning, you win the morning. When you win the morning, you set yourself in a better position to win the day. Also, I can assure you, that you will make better decisions throughout the day when you start your day with a workout. Let’s cover some of the benefits of waking up early as hell, even though the culture of participation trophies says you don’t have to.

Nobody else is awake to bother you

You know who is awake at 5:00am? Go-Getters. You know how many Go-Getters there are in the world? Not many. Face the facts, the idea of waking up on your own terms, not feeling behind is absolutely beautiful. This means no calls, no texts, and no emails to respond to. When the rest of the world starts to wake up, and emails eventually start trickling in, YOU make the decision whether they require immediate action, or whether they can wait until you get to the office. And then you continue your next set of deadlift.

By making your bed, you start your morning with a simple win

One of the most talked about rituals, and one of the least practiced among the younger crowds. As simple as it is, beginning your day with this simple win will change your life. And as retired Admiral William H. McRaven says “And if by the chance you have a miserable day, you will come home to a bed that is made, that you made.”

Controlling your morning is starting the day on your terms

Time to be selfish with your time. When you wake up hours before you have to, before everybody else, you have nothing but choices. Should you choose to work out, so you don’t have to after work? Great. Should you choose to get ahead on a book you’ve been wanting to read? Great. Should you finally start on that side business you’ve always dreamt of pursuing? GREAT. Your time, your schedule, your rules.

By the time 6:30am rolls around, you have already killed your workout

With this habit, depending on your morning coffee is irrelevant. Your energy levels will be strong by the time you arrive at the office. The other benefit to this, is now you have free time after work. Read the book, plan the trip, start the hobby, you now have time to. Also, as stated previously, you absolutely will be in a better position to make better decisions. And you know who rises to the top in life? People who make smart decisions.

You kick your sleep schedule into gear

I hear people all the time discussing their issues of falling asleep at night. They strive to be morning people, but by the time 1:00am rolls around and they can’t sleep, they reset their alarm clocks to a later time so they can get the sleep they feel they need. Wrong. Your sleep schedule starts by waking up early, not going to bed early. Wake up at 5:00am, have a productive day, and I can assure you that there will be no issue falling asleep by 10:00pm.

You see, here at Value Added, Inc. we do not aim to teach for an easier life. An easy life gives you nothing but a false sense of confidence, low standards, and leads to an unfulfilling life. We strive for the difficult life that you earn every single day by putting the work in. Show up, put the work in, reap the rewards, rinse & repeat. And so you want a better life? Implement what I just covered for a week and get back to me.

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